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Logo Design

Logo design and choosing corporate colors is the first and most important step in the birth of a business. Your logo should represent your work personality, goals, roadmap and long-term vision.

Infinite energy

If your logo has the above mentioned items, you and your customers will be energized and proud of it every day. At Web Gamers, our goal is not just to design a logo, but to create a visual identity of your business and your success in it.

Logo design process

First, gamers will listen to you. The type of business and the suffering of your customers will be determined. For example, the process of designing a personal logo is completely different from an industrial logo or an organizational logo.

Then, the creative team of web gamers is used and the initial etude is prepared in the gamers' thinking room by the graphic design unit. We always make sure that your monochrome menu logo says it all.

It takes time to come up with ideas and creativity. Ideas always start at one point and flourish at another. Therefore, pay attention to the time it takes to deliver the logo. We need this time for ideas to flourish and create a logo that will represent your business for many years to come.

We always excitedly display the designed logo for our customers. In the logo presentation session, we will explain the obvious and inductive meanings and concepts of the designed logo. Tell us how you feel after seeing your logo and be comfortable with us in the process.

Logo design features in Parse Web

Foresight in logo design is very important to us. We try to stay away from the usual fleeting trends in design. Your logo should stay fresh for many years and not depend on fashion and time.

It is very important not to apply too much personal taste in logo design. You know and have worked with your range and type of customers, and gamers are also forward-thinking and creative. Always keep in mind to give us a very good description of your business. We know that the personality and mindset of the founder of a collection is tied to the business itself.

Minimalism is also very important in logo design. Our line of thinking is minimalist logo design and away from any complexity.

Using the logo character in the whole collection: Web gamers are a full-service creativity company, that is, after designing the logo, the visual character and harmony are designed, it will be completely evident in the other designs that we do for you. This means that your logo will be perfectly integrated with your site, or the design of your catalog

The first connection! Your logo's first communication with customers is very important. Your logo should be professional, modern and effective.

A professional logo will help potential customers decide on you.

It must have occurred to you to choose a business that has a more professional logo from a few logos or collection brochures. And just a glance at the logo of the collection. Every business is exposed to competition with its competitors. Your potential customers will also get a sense of your professionalism at a glance at your logo. The initial feeling that your logo gives to your potential customers is very important to us, and we use unique techniques to achieve this.


Fair costs are on the agenda of the general policy of web gamers. The cost of designing a logo is a long-term investment in your business.


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